Comparison of Mongsoo Lee Heon-gil's Woodblock-printed Books on Measles

몽수 이헌길(李獻吉)의 마진서(麻疹書) 판본 비교 고찰

  • Choi, Jin woo (Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine University Research Institute Joint Program) ;
  • Ahn, Sang woo (Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine)
  • Published : 2006.12.30


As Lee Heon-gil's books have been handed down in oral tradition and written form, there are several different versions including the one edited by the author. Books known to be his writings include Eulmisinbang, Majinbang contained in Susangsingam, and Majinbang, Majingibang and Majinbibang mentioned in Joseoneukhaksageupjilbyeongsa. Among Lee Heon-gil's books, Eulmisinbang was mentioned first in literature. Its original version is missing, but a large part of it is quoted in Magwahoitong, through which we can see the contents of Eulmisinbang. The meanings of Eulmisinbang are as follows. First, it is the most reliable woodblock-printed version as it was the base of Magwahoitong. Second, quotations in Magwahoitong are so accurate that they demonstrate the original texts of Eulmisinbang and can be used in comparison with other versions. Third, Eulmisinbang has the largest volume of contents among Lee Heon-gil's books. Susangsingam was printed again in the early 1900s by combing Majinbang and Sanbangsurok. Majinbang included in the book had been known to come from China but, through comparison with the original, it was found to be the same as Eulmisinbang. Majinbang is considered to be Eulmisinbang handed down in different name, and shows the original structure of Eulmisinbang. Considering its table of contents and the contents, Majinbang mentioned in Joseoneukhaksageupjilbyeongsa looks the same as Majinbang included in Susangsingam. Majingibang was edited by extracting the quotations of Eulmisinbang in Magwahoitong, and was reprinted in the name of Majinbibang. Through analyzing Lee Heon-gil's books, we found two courses through which his books have been handed down. First, Eulmisinbang was quoted separately according to the new structure of Magwahoitong, and the structure of Magwahoitong had been maintained and reprinted under the titles of Majingibang and Majinbibang. Second, Eulmisinbang had maintained its original structure, handed down in the name of Majinbang, and reprinted under the title of Susangsingam. Based on the findings, we selected the quotations of Eulmisinbang in Magwahoitong and Majinbang included in Susangsingam as texts for studying Lee Heon-gil's medicine for measles. Accordingly, it looks likely to rebuild a new research text based on the two woodblock-printed versions, and it will be a crucial material for studying Lee Heon-gil's medicine for measles.