Market Segmentation and Purchase Behavior for Consumers Purchasing Korean Cultural Fashion Items - Focused on Inbound Japanese Tourists -

한국패션문화상품 소비자에 대한 시장세분화와 구매행동연구 - 방한 일본관광객을 중심으로 -

  • Lee, Jin-Hwa (Dept. of Clothing & Textiles, Pusan National University)
  • Received : 2006.02.18
  • Published : 2006.08.31


The purpose of this study was 1) to segment the market of inbound Japanese tourists based on the importance of tour activity that tourists perceived and 2) to examine the behavior of each segmentation purchasing cultural fashion items in Korea. Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire survey in Seoul. Clustering analysis, Chisquare, and ANOVA test were used to conduct the data analysis on 288 out of 400 questionnaires. The inbound Japanese tourists market was segmented into 3 groups; culture oriented group, shopping oriented group, and multi-activity group. Three groups were significantly different in terms of age, income, purchase amount, purchase criteria, and degree of shopping satisfaction. Marketing strategies for segmented markets were discussed.


Supported by : 부산대학교


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