The Research & Trend Analysis for Korean Clothing and Textiles Area Against Old Ages - 1995~2005 -

국내 의류학 분야의 노년기 남녀를 대상으로 한 연구 경향분석 - 1995년부터 2005년까지 -

  • 이은정 (창원전문대학 패션디자인과)
  • Received : 2006.05.23
  • Published : 2006.08.31


In order to check ordinary trend of a research for old ages, it was collected and analyzed against old ages. Out of a research papers from 1995 to 2005 issued for 6 scientific journals in clothing and textiles areas which were listed on KOREA RESEARCH FOUNDATION. The results were as follows. First, the research papers for 11 years from surveyed scientific journals were totally 5,711 papers, and It were only 71 papers for old ages to be reviewed and surveyed, which slightly occupied 1.24% from whole papers. Second, yearly ranges of research paper against old ages were shown to be down-trend, as it recorded 2.75% in 1995, however it falls on 0.77% in terms of the increasing aspect of clothing and textiles research paper numbers. Third, a paper for each research areas ranged in turn, as clothing construction, fashion merchandising socio-psychology of clothing, etc. If we see in detail area, the research for somatotype and role occupied 37.4% from all researches against old ages. Accordingly it needs more various kinds of study. Fourth, The Koreav Society of Clothing and Textiles paper occupied 40.8% from whole scientific journals, which was obviously shown. Fifth, each sex distribution for researched old ages noted almost old women (77.5%), but cover 9.9% for old men. Therefore it required much more researches for old men, we thought.


elderly;old ages;old woman;old man;trend analysis


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