A Design of Teaching Unit to Foster Secondary Pre-service Teachers' Mathematising Ability: Inquiry into n-volume of n-simplex

예비중등교사의 수학화 능력을 신장하기 위한 교수단원의 설계: n-단체(simplex)의 n-부피 탐구

  • Published : 2006.03.01


The objective of this paper is to design teaching units to foster secondary pre-service teachers' mathematising abilities. In these teaching units we focus on generalizing area of a 2-dimensional triangle and volume of a 3-dimensional tetrahedron to n-volume of n-simplex In this process of generalizing, principle of the permanence of equivalent forms and Cavalieri's principle are applied. To find n-volume of n-simplex, we define n-orthogonal triangular prism, and inquire into n-volume of it. And we find n-volume of n-simplex by using vectors and determinants. Through these teaching units, secondary pre-service teachers can understand and inquire into n-simplex which is generalized from a triangle and a tetrahedron, and n-volume of n-simplex which is generalized from area of a triangle and volume of a tetrahedron. They can also promote natural connection between school mathematics and academic mathematics.