A Study on the application types of landscape elements in interior space design

랜드스케이프 요소를 활용한 실내공간디자인 연출유형에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.04.01


As environmentally friendly life styles become more popular these days, the landscape elements like plants, water, stone etc. which used be considered as just simple interior props, now become the main design concept that decides the whole image of space. The purpose of this thesis is to study the various understandings and approaches on the applications of the landscape elements which are known as the most friendly and positive ways to approach the senses of users, among any other methods and techniques for environmentally friendly elements. The application types of landscape elements in interior space design are as follows; (1) incorporate the surrounding landscape elements. Keeping existing landscape elements, incorporate them into interior elements of beauty; (2) install a transition space with landscape elements; (3) green interior planes ;(4) use landscape as the main design concept; (5) use landscape as decoration elements. Many of landscape spaces incorporated into the interior are often built in a hurry and in low qualities without much consideration of the users and the space. This study intends to set a standard for the application of landscape elements in space design, after collecting various cases that applied the landscape elements in interior space, by categorizing the successful and effective applications into applicable patterns.


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