Spectral Sensing for Plant Stress Assessment - A Review -

  • Kim, Y. (USDA-ARS, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory) ;
  • Reid, J.F. (John Deer Technology Center)
  • 발행 : 2006.06.30


Assessment of nitrogen and chlorophyll content from crop leaves can help growers adjust N fertilizer rates to meet the demands of the crop. Numerous researchers have presented their studies about spectral signature of plant leaves to characterize the plant features. However, interrelational review and summary were limited and a communication gap exists between the plant science and optical engineering. Understanding the mechanism of leaf interaction to electromagnetic radiation and factors affecting spectrophotometric measurements can enhance the foundation of optical remote sensing technologies. This paper provides extensive review of previous works in optical sensing and explains the basics of plant optics, spectral measurements for plant stress, factors that affect sensitivity to spectral analysis, and applications that deploy optical remote sensing technologies.