Oxidative Decomposition of TCE over TiO2-Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts

TiO2에 담지된 금속 산화물 촉매상에서 TCE 산화분해반응

  • Yang Won-Ho (Department of Environmental Engineering, Daegu University) ;
  • Kim Moon-Hyeon (Department of Occupational Health, Catholic University of Daegu)
  • 양원호 (대구대학교 환경공학과) ;
  • 김문현 (대구가톨릭대학교 산업보건학과)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


Oxidative TCE decomposition over $TiO_2$-supported single and complex metal oxide catalysts has been conducted using a continuous flow type fixed-bed reactor system. Different types of commercial $TiO_2$ were used for obtaining the supported catalysts via an incipient wetness technique. Among a variety of titanias and metal oxides used, a DT51D $TiO_2\;and\;CrO_x$ would be the respective promising support and active ingredient for the oxidative TCE decomposition. The $TiO_2-based\;CrO_x$ catalyst gave a significant dependence of the catalytic activity in TCE oxidation reaction on the metal loadings. The use of high $CrO_x$ contents for preparing $CrO_x/TiO_2$ catalysts might produce $Cr_2O_3$ crystallites on the surface of $TiO_2$, thereby decreasing catalytic performance in the oxidative decomposition at low reaction temperatures. Supported $CrO_x$-based bimetallic oxide systems offered a very useful approach to lower the $CrO_x$ amounts without any loss in their catalytic activity for the catalytic TCE oxidation and to minimize the formation of Cl-containing organic products in the course of the catalytic reaction.


Catalytic oxidation;Titania;Metal oxides;Trichloroethylene;Chromium oxides;By-products;Complex metal oxides


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