A Study on the Removal of Soluble and Insoluble gas of VOCs Using PDMS Biomembrane

PDMS-바이오 멤브렌인을 이용한 용해성과 비용해성 휘발성유기화학물질의 가스 제거에 관한 연구

  • Ha Sang-An (Department of Environmental Engineering, Silla University)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


An experimental study on the removal of VOCs gas using a biomembrane reactor were carried out at various inlet gas concentration, specific loading rate, retention time and gas flow rate of volume. The variations of efficiency and various parameters, which are relevant to gas removal, with mixing of soluble gas and without have been discussed. More than 95% of the toluene and methanol present in the feed was successfully removed in each study. The elimination of methanol with mixture of soluble compound of about 300 mg/h corresponds to a portion of 21% if there is a feed stream of 1400 mg/h. On the contrary the maximum efficiency of about 72% of toluene was reached. This is to be rated as a treatment of sorption that the limiting factor of the dismantling speed could be represented by this difficult degradable component. Nevertheless the elimination capacities for this reactor for toluene were on a very high level. For substances which show a very high solubility in silicon rubber an advantage of a bio membrane is clearly shown. Therefore a similarly good result is expected for n-hexane, because of its relatively good permeability which was distinguished during permeation experiments.


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