Experimental Verification on the Availability of Robust Saturation Controller for the Active Vibration Control of Building using AMD

AMD를 이용한 건물의 능동 진동 제어를 위한 강인 포화 제어기의 유용성에 관한 실험적 검증

  • Published : 2006.04.30


In active vibration control of building, controller design considering both control input saturation of controller and parameter uncertainties of building is needed. In our previous research, we proposed a robust saturation controller which guarantees robust stability and control performance of the uncertain linear time-invariant system in the presence of control input saturation. In this paper, the availability of the robust saturation controller for the building with an active mass damper (AMD) system is verified through experimental tests. Experimental tests are carried oui using a two-story building model with a hydraulic-type AMD.


active moss dumper;robust saturation controller;control input saturation;structured real parameter uncertainty


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