Seismic Improvement of Staggered Truss Systems using Buckling Restrained Braces

비좌굴 가새를 이용한 스태거드 트러스 시스템의 내진성능향상

  • Published : 2006.04.30


In this paper the seismic performances of 4, 10, and 30-story staggered truss systems (STS) were evaluated by observing the force-displacement relationship up io failure. The results were compared with the seismic performance of conventional moment resisting frames and braced frames. According to the analysis results, the STS showed relatively satisfactory lateral load resisting capability. However, in the mid- to high-rise STS, plastic hinges formed first at the chords were transferred to vertical members of the vierendeel panels, which formed a week link and subsequently leaded to brittle collapse of the structure. Therefore to enhance the ductility of STS it would be necessary to reinforce the vertical bracing members of the virendeel panels so that the plastic hinges, once toned in cord members of a virendeel panel, spread out to virendeel panels of neighboring stories.


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