Forced Vibration Test of a Real-Scale Structure and Design of HMD Controllers for Simulating Earthquake Response

실물 크기 구조물의 강제진동실험 및 지진응답 모사를 위한 HMD제어기 설계

  • Published : 2006.12.31


Forced vibration testing is important for correlating the mathematical model of a structure with the real one and for evaluating the performance of the real structure. There exist various techniques available for evaluating the seismic performance using dynamic and static measurements. In this paper, full scale forced vibration tests simulating earthquake response are implemented by using a hybrid mass damper. The finite element (FE) model of the structure was analytically constructed using ANSYS and the model was updated using the results experimentally measured by the forced vibration test. Pseudo-earthquake excitation tests showed that HMD induced floor responses coincided with the earthquake induced ones which were numerically calculated based on the updated FE model.


forced vibration test;real-scale structure;hybrid mass damper;finite element model updating;inverse transfer function method;system identification


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