A Study on the Libraries' Competitiveness Reinforcement Measures through SWOT Analysis : Based on the Case Study of University A's Library

SWOT 분석을 통한 도서관의 경쟁력 제고 방안에 관한 연구 - A대학교 도서관의 사례를 중심으로 -

  • 노동조 (상명대학교 사회과학부 문헌정보학)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


For a library to be run more efficiently, its internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats must be determined for forecasting on the basis of the diagnosis of the internal and external environment and situations, and optimum strategies and measures responsively deducted and utilized. Therefore, I had analyzed the strategic competition of university A's library using SWOT analysis, which has recently been spotlighted as an effective strategic competition analysis method. The conclusions thus obtained are as explained below. Firstly. the strengths of university A's library are the professional qualifications of the employees. work efficiency based on systematic operative plans and division of work load, and provision of high quality service following the establishment of the digital library. Secondly, its weaknesses are the insufficiency and limits of the usable resources, the lack of progressive future operation plans and systems, and the deficiency of a positive service mind. Thirdly, the opportunities are the possibility for new developments in accordance with the digital information environment. reinforcement of the operative efficiency throughout expanding its cooperation with external organizations and other libraries, and its transformation as the local library hub by opening up to the public. Fourthly, the threats are the lack of the school authorities' acknowledgement. and the degradation of the library's status in accordance, the users' various requests for information and advanced professional service according to the rapidly changing information environment. and the restriction of the library service based on the copyright law. Fifthly, as a result of analyzing the strategic competition of university A's library, measures such as the reinforcement of digital service by acquiring digital specialists. provision of extended service through active cooperation with external institutes and libraries. development and provision of differentiated service in accordance with the reinforced copyright law were proposed to improve the library's future competitiveness.


SWOT Analysis;Strategic Analysis;Competitive Analysis;Competitiveness Reinforcement;Library;Academic Library;Library Management;Case Study


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