A Localized Adaptive QoS Routing Scheme Using POMDP and Exploration Bonus Techniques

POMDP와 Exploration Bonus를 이용한 지역적이고 적응적인 QoS 라우팅 기법

  • 한정수 (신구대학 인터넷정보과)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


In this paper, we propose a Localized Adaptive QoS Routing Scheme using POMDP and Exploration Bonus Techniques. Also, this paper shows that CEA technique using expectation values can be simply POMDP problem, because performing dynamic programming to solve a POMDP is highly computationally expensive. And we use Exploration Bonus to search detour path better than current path. For this, we proposed the algorithm(SEMA) to search multiple path. Expecially, we evaluate performances of service success rate and average hop count with $\phi$ and k performance parameters, which is defined as exploration count and intervals. As result, we knew that the larger $\phi$, the better detour path search. And increasing n increased the amount of exploration.


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