Fast Mode Decision in H.264/AVC Using Adaptive Selection of Reference Frame and Selective Intra Mode

다중 참조 영상의 적응적 선택 및 선택적 인트라 모드를 이용한 H.264/AVC의 고속 모드 결정 방법

  • Published : 2006.03.01


Rate-constrained coding is one of the many coding-efficiency oriented tools of H.264/AVC, but mode decision process of RDO(Rate distortion optimization) requires high computational complexity. Many fast mode decision algorithms have been proposed to reduce the computational complexity of mode decision. In this paper, we propose two algorithms for reduction of mode decision in H.264/AVC, which are the fast reference frame selection and selective intra prediction mode decision. Fast reference frame selection is efficient for inter predication and selective intra prediction mode decision can effectively reduce excessive calculation load of intra prediction mode decision. The simulation results showed that the proposed methods could reduce the encoding time of the overall sequences by 44.63% on average without any noticeable degradation of the coding efficiency.


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