Antifungal Activity of Bacillus sp. KMU-1011 Against Gray Mold Causing Botrytis cinerea

잿빛 곰팡이병원균 Botrytis cinerea에 대한 Bacillus sp. KMU-1011의 항진균활성

  • Park Sung-Min (Department of Microbiology, Keimyung University) ;
  • Kim Hyun-Soo (Department of Microbiology, Keimyung University) ;
  • Yu Tae-Shick (Department of Microbiology, Keimyung University)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


We isolated a bacterium which produces antifungal substances from the Lake of Saimaa soils in Fin-land. The isolated strain was identified as Bacillus sp. and shown a strong antifungal activity on plant pathogenic fungi. Bacillus sp. KMU-1011 produced maximum level of antifungal substances under incubation aerobically at $24^{\circ}C$ for 48 hours in nutrient broth containing 1.0% glucose and 1.0% polypeptone at 180 rpm and initiated pH adjusted to 6.0. Precipitate of culture broth by $30{\sim}60%$ ammonium sulfate precipitation exhibited strong antifungal activity against Botrytis cinerea KACC 40573 by dry cell weight. Chloroform extract of cultured broth also shown fungal growth inhibitory activity against C. gloeosporioides KACC 40804, D. bryoniae KACC 40669, F. oxysporum KACC 40037, F. oxysporum KACC 40052, F. oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici KACC 40537, F. oxysporum KACC 40902, M. cannonballus KACC 40940, P. cambivora KACC 40160, R. solani AG-1 KACC 40101, R. solani AG-4 KACC 40142, and S. scleotiorum KACC by agar diffusion method.


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