Effects of Diet and Time on Feed on Fatty Acid Composition in Muscle of Charolais Steers

사료급원과 급여기간이 Charolais 거세우 근내 지방산 조성에 미치는 영향

  • 최낙진 (한우시험장) ;
  • 강수원 (한우시험장) ;
  • 권응기 (한우시험장) ;
  • 조원모 (한우시험장) ;
  • 전병수 (한우시험장) ;
  • 박병기 (축산연구소)
  • Published : 2006.12.31


This study investigated the effects of feeding Charolais steers on diets rich in either n-6 or n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and time on feed (TOF) on muscle fatty acid composition and content. Twenty eight steers were fed on ad libitum forage and one of two concentrates varying in the source of fat; soya (high in C18:2 n-6) or whole linseed (high in C18:3 n-3) for either 60 or 90 days in IGER (Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, UK). The concentrates were fed at approximately 0.73 of total DM intake. TOF influenced carcass weight, conformation and fatness scores, which were higher at 90 v. 60 days (P<0.05). Diet did not affect total fatty acid content of neutral lipid in m. longissimus thoracis but feeding linseed increased total phospholipid fatty acid by approx- imately 15%(P<0.05). Linseed increased the amount and proportion of C18:3 n-3 (P<0.001) and the proportion of CLA (cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid), while soya increased the content (P<0.05) and proportion (P<0.001) of C18:2 n-6 in muscle neutral lipid. In muscle phospholipid, linseed significantly increased the amount of CLA, C18:3 n-3 and its longer chain derivatives as well as C14:0, C16:0, C18:0. C18:1 trans and C18:2 n-6. The amount and proportion of C18:2 n-6 and its longer chain C20 derivatives were higher on feeding soya. TOF (90 v. 60 day) increased the content of C14:0, C16:0, C16:1, CLA, C18:1 n-9, C18:2 n-6 and C18:3 n-3 in muscle neutral lipid. The P:S was not affected by diet or TOF. The ratio of C18:2 n-6 : C18:3 n-3 and sum of n-6 : n-3 fatty acids were higher in muscle from animals fed on linseed v. soya (P<0.001). The study indicates that the PUFA composition of beef muscle may be significantly modified by feeding contrasting dietary lipids, soya vs. linseed. Feeding linseed produced a better balance of muscle fatty acids, more in line with current nutritional recommendations with a lower C18:2 n-6:C18:3 n-3 ratio associated with higher muscle content of C18:3 n-3 and C20:5 n-3 and CLA and lower C20:4 n-6.


Beef;Lipids;Polyunsaturated fatty acids


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