Effects of Feeding Levels of Barley Grains on Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Hanwoo Bulls

한우 육성 비육 시 보리 급여수준이 증체와 육질에 미치는 효과

  • 장선식 (농촌진흥청 축산연구소) ;
  • 홍성구 (농촌진흥청 축산연구소) ;
  • 이병석 (농촌진흥청 축산연구소) ;
  • 조영무 (농촌진흥청 축산연구소) ;
  • 조원모 (농촌진흥청 축산연구소) ;
  • 권응기 (농촌진흥청 축산연구소) ;
  • 백봉현 (농촌진흥청 축산연구소) ;
  • 송만강 (충북대학교 축산학과)
  • Published : 2006.04.30


The present study was carried out to determine the effects of feeding levels of barley grain in diets of Hanwoo on the growth performance and carcass characteristics of Hanwoo. Twenty Hanwoo bull calves (initial mean body wt. 99kg) were randomly divided to examine the effects of 5 feeding levels of barley grains(addition levels: 0, 0 and 40% for FII40; 0, 0 and 60% for FII60; 0, 20 and 40% for F2040; and 0, 20 and 60% for F2060 during the growing, early fattening and late fattening periods, respectively) on growth performance and meat quality. Body weight was not affected by the feeding level of barley grains through the whole experimental period, although the body weight of Hanwoo bulls fed FII40 diet at 24 months old of age tended to be lower(591.5kg) than that of other animals(606.2~614.6kg). However, body weight gain in the bulls of the FII60 diet was slightly increased(P<.19). The feeding levels of barley grains did not influence on fasting body weight, carcass weight, carcass rate, lean meat, retailed cut, KPH fat and bone yield. The lean meat yield(89.82%) and fat yield(20.28%) tended to increase in Hanwoo bulls fed the F2060 compared with other treatments. Feeding of the diets of FII40 resulted in the higher marbling scores as 3.75, respectively than other diets.


Hanwoo bulls;Barley;Feeding level;Beef quality


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