Estimation of Genetic Variations for Linear Type Traits and Composite Traits on Holstein Cows

Holstein 젖소의 선형심사형질과 등급형질에 대한 유전변이 추정

  • 이득환 (한경대학교 동물생명자원학과)
  • Published : 2006.04.30


Genetic parameters for linear type and composite traits were estimated by using Bayesian inference via Gibbs sampling with a multiple threshold animal model in Holstein cows. Fifteen linear type traits and 5 composite traits were included to estimate genetic variance and covariance components in the model. In this study, 30,204 records were obtained in the cows from 305 sires. Heritability estimates for linear type traits had the estimates as high as 0.28~0.64. Heritability estimates for composite traits were also high, when the traits were assumed to be categorical traits. Final score was more correlated with the composite traits than with the linear type traits.


Linear type trait;Categorical trait;Threshold model;Holstein;Genetic parameters


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