Current Status of Clinical Practice Education in Maternity Nursing in Korea - four-year course nursing schools centered -

모성간호학 실습교육의 현황 - 4년제 간호대학(학과)를 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2006.03.20


Purpose: This study was performed to provide data for improvement in clinical practice education through analyzing the status of clinical practice education in maternity nursing in four year course nursing schools in Korea. Method: Analyzed subjects were 43 schools out of 53 four year course nursing schools in Korea. Result: Credits in theory and clinical practice are on the decline. The relationship between goals and areas of clinical practice was not sufficient. The department was not efficient in meeting the demands between theory and practice. The number of students in a group according to clinical areas were thoughtfully assigned, and clinical practice was performed based on real situations. Instructors for clinical practice used practice lecturers, part-time lecturers, preceptors, and assistant instructors including faculty. Methods of practice education and evaluation were varied. Conclusion: A suitable philosophy and goals of clinical practice education maternity nursing should be established at this point in time. Furthermore, a study should be performed to analyze the relationship between goals and contents of clinical practice for maternity nursing. In addition, a standardized tool should be developed to evaluate clinical practice.