The Study of Bus Information System's Efficiency

버스정보시스템의 효율성에 관한 연구

  • 이정근 (산업자원부 기술표준원) ;
  • 최석우 (산업자원부 기술표준원) ;
  • 황병옥 (산업자원부 기술표준원)
  • Published : 2006.12.30


Nowdays ITS is being installed in each local autonomous entity, and BIS installation and operation is prior to other ITS sub systems for the public service. The methods of positioning md wireless communication in BIS are DSRC+DSRC, GPS+wireless communication, Beacon+Beacon, which are chosen and operated as the local features. Before this study, the before and after survey of BIS' quality have only been done without performance evaluation of BIS. So the method of BIS' evaluation have been established including performance test in this paper. And the evaluation of some BIS' reliability and efficiency have been done using the reliability of arriving data and the wireless communication response rates after choosing typical BIS' sub system.