A Study on Performance Analysis of a Fish Cage using Air Chamber Structure

대형공기구조물을 이용한 가두리양식장의 성능해석

  • Published : 2006.02.01


Recently as a result of excessive development. pollution of the coast and occurrence of a typhoon year after year, fishermen suffer heavy losses in fish farming which is the one of the most important earnings ways. For solution of these problems, we need to go out into the open sea from an inland sea. In this study we suggested new fish cage which makes up for the structural weakness of existing wooden fish cages. It can farm fishes in the open sea of high wave and current with no damages from a typhoon. We substituted TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) air chamber for existing styrofoam flotage which was harmful to the environment and impermanent. We used PE(Polyethylene) pipes for the maintenance of formation and the prevention of buoyancy loss caused by a breakdown of flotage. PE b rackets were designed to combine PE pipes with TPU air-chamber flotage. It has good strength and light weight. As a result of modeling test. it is great in buoyancy, strength and flexibility against wave. Because it can control buoyancy arbitrarily, moreover, we expect that it will reduce damages of a red water by applying it as semi-submerged fish cages.


Fish farming;Fish cage;TPU;Air chamber;PE


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