무전극 형광램프용 페라이트에 따른 전기적 및 광학적 특성

Electrical and Optical Characteristics by Ferrite for Electrodeless Fluorescent Lamp

  • 발행 : 2006.02.01


An electric power efficiency of electrodeless fluorescent lamp depens on a big relative property of gas, gas pressure, lamp formation, ingredients of magnetic substance and shape and action frequency etc. in lamp. We used magnetic substance that opens self-examination material of electrodeless fluorescent lamp antenna. We used Mn-Zn type as the Ferrite. We have examined resistance, impedance and Q-factor's frequency characteristic by ferrite. Coil turns were changed from 13 to 15 turns to recognize brightness change of lamp by winding number. Optical equipment (LS-100) was used to measure brightness. We could know Q-factor's difference according to material is important part of antenna design. When an electrodeless fluorescent lamp was made using T company's PE22, it showed the highest brightness. As number of winding is increased the brightness increased, and starting characteristic became good.


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