Physical Marine Environment at the north of Wando and Gogeumdo Receiving the Effluents from Land

육수의 영향을 받는 완도 및 고금도 북부 해역의 해황 특성

  • Lee Moon-Ock (Department of Ocean Engineering, Yosu National University) ;
  • Park Il-Heum (Department of Ocean Engineering, Yosu National University)
  • 이문옥 (여수대학교 해양공학전공) ;
  • 박일흠 (여수대학교 해양공학전공)
  • Published : 2006.01.01


In order to grasp physical characteristics of Ganajin Bay receiving the effluents from land, a comprehensive field surve)'has been conducted at the north of Wando and Gogeumdo in 2002. Water temperature was most high in September while most low in December. A high temperature in September was inferred to have caused by the dispersion of warm fresh water with favor of a dominant wind in autumn. However, salinity and sigma-t in situ was most low in September while most high in December. A low salinity (or density) in September turned out to reflect the influence of a dense rainfall in summer. Water temperature, salinity and density at the surface layer were lower than those at the bottom layer, except for December. Their horizontal profiles suggested the influence of effluents such as Tamjin River. Particularly, time series of water temperature acquired near the sluice and at the north channel of Wando tended to rise at the flood flow but fall at the ebb flow in accordance with the tide. The form ratio of the tide in the study area was $0.31\~0.32$ and the amplitude of the tide appeared to increase towards the west. Northeastward or southwestward flows prevailed in this area but the residual flows were all northeastward with a magnitude of $3\~4cm/s$.


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