Experimental Study On Seismic Behavior Of Masonry Walls With Column

기둥 및 벽체가 보강된 조적벽체의 지진거동에 대한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 2006.06.15


In order to investigate the effect of the height of application point of lateral loads and reinforcing steel bars in walls and columns in improving the seismic behavior of confined concrete block masonry walls, an experimental research program is conducted. A total of twelve one-half scale specimens are tested under repeated lateral loads. Specimens are tested to failure with increasing maximum lateral drifts while a vertical axial load was applied and maintained constant. The specimens adopted are two-dimensional (2D) hollow concrete block masonry walls with different parameters such as shear span ratio, inflection point and percent of reinforcement in confining columns and walls. Test results obtained for each specimen include cracking patterns, load-deflection curve, and strains in reinforcement and walls in critical locations. Analysis of test data showed that above parameters generate a considerable effect on the seismic performance of confined concrete block masonry walls.