The Effect of Perceived Interactivity's Mediator Role on Mobile Contents Users' Attitude and Behavioral Intention

지각된 상호작용성의 매개역할이 모바일 콘텐츠 사용자의 태도 및 행동의도에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2006.09.30


This study suggests major characteristics of the ubiquitous environment, which include pervasive connectivity, context awareness, and playfulness, by surveying mobile contents users. Also, this empirical study attempts to validate nine hypotheses and all the ubiquitous factors of mobile contents have positive effect on perceived interactivity. It is revealed that perceived interactivity is an intermediary factor which positively affects users' perceived performance, satisfaction and continuous use intention. Hypotheses of positive relationships among users' behavioral outcome factors are also accepted. Results show that ubiquitous characteristics of mobile contents influence the users' attitude and behavior through the intermediary role of perceived interactivity among users and messages and devices. This study contributes to the literature by presenting and empirically verifying the effect of ubiquitous factors of mobile contents and perceived interactivity on uses' attitude and behavior intention. Based on study results, user-oriented theoretical bases are provided for various mobile contents service, the issue of policy-making and business planning are addressed, and managerial implications are discussed.


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