A Study on the Preparation of MnO2 Hollow Microspheres

MnO2 중공 미세구의 제조에 관한 연구

  • Moon, Jin Hee (Department of Industrial chemistry, Sangmyung University) ;
  • Park, Yong Sung (Department of Industrial chemistry, Sangmyung University)
  • 문진희 (상명대학교 공업화학과) ;
  • 박용성 (상명대학교 공업화학과)
  • Received : 2006.08.31
  • Accepted : 2006.10.12
  • Published : 2006.12.10


Demand for $MnO_{2}$ has been increased with interest for its various applications in the fields of battery, catalyst, and capacitor. In this study, $MnO_{2}$ hollow microspheres were synthesized by sacrificial core method. $MnO_{2}$ nano particles were produced by the hydrolysis and condensation of manganese acetate. The stable $MnO_{2}$ hollow microspheres can very well be synthesized with mixing 0.2% of water, 0.65 mM of manganese acetate, and 0.02 mM catalyst at a room temperature.


$MnO_{2}$;hollow;microsphere;sacrificial core method;coating


Supported by : 상명대학교 자연과학연구소


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