Development of Six Sigma Fit for Domestic Companies

한국적 6시그마 정착방향

  • Lee, Pal-Hun (Six Sigma Department, Samsung Economic Research Institute)
  • 이팔훈 (삼성경제연구소 6시그마실)
  • Published : 2006.12.31


Ten years have passed since Samsung SDI and LG Electronics introduced six sigma. Six sigma spreads on the wide industry areas such as service and public sectors as well as manufacturing industry. Six sigma speaks for Korean enterprise's management innovation now. Then, can we evaluate that Korean enterprise's six sigma has settled down successfully? This study compares Korean enterprise's six sigma with those of Japanese and American enterprises in the view of leadership, project, people, and methodology. We suggest five topics for the successful settlement of six sigma in Korean enterprises; 1) Role of executives and managers should be changed more actively, 2) Strategy-connected projects should be excavated, 3) Utilization and development plan should be made for black belt and master black belt, 4) Six sigma methodology should be advanced, especially DFSS methodology, and finally 5) Several innovation methodology should be integrated.


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