Experience studying activation plan of cave resources

동굴자원의 체험학습 활성화 방안

  • 윤정모 (서울산업대학교 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Published : 2006.03.31


21 century as the knowledge base society which demands an originality and a variety the updated technology and knowledge creation ability quality and national power of life of the citizen were under controlling. Consequently, the extension of development and originality of the ability which is various leads and studying voluntary character and the ability back the education which it considers actively it raises and the infield it does. With activation plan of cave resources home page of Speleological Society of Korean like home page of Speleological Society of Japan cave crane information, caving information, cave Q/A, cave publication, the relation site back the possibility of seeing information regarding the cave which is various in order to be, it reorganizes. The possibility of coming in contact in order to be, various branch information also the general rain specialist regarding the cave resources. Currently the possibility of seeing the various branch data for the application of the cave resources at any time it is, home page of Speleological Society of Korean the possibility of doing to lead in order to be, it proposes the plan. From one person it will be able to study the data regarding the cave of various field in order, all curricular materials regarding the cave resources the educational program which leads a home page about under developing it proposes the activation plan of the cave resources.



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