Growth Change of Ficus Benjamiana Affected by Application of Fowl Manure

가축분 퇴비 시용량에 따른 고무나무의 생육상황 변화

  • 황기성 (원예연구소 원예기술지원과) ;
  • 유봉식 (원예연구소 원예기술지원과) ;
  • 김영철 (원예연구소 원예기술지원과)
  • Published : 2006.06.30


This study was conducted to analyze the effects of fowl manure application on growth and quality of Ficus benjamiana. The growth of F. benjamiana was the best at the application of 10% fowl manure. The nutrient uptake increased as the dates passed after transplanting. By the elements, the uptake amount was high in order of N>K>Ca>P>Mg. By fowl manure application rates, the nutrient uptake was the highest in 10%. The mot growth characteristics improved in higher fowl manure application rates, and it was the best in 10%.


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