A policy approach to enhance the innovative activities of SMEs using regional innovation cluster

중소기업 혁신능력 향상을 위한 정책적 접근 : 지역혁신 클러스터 관점

  • 한정희 (서울대학교 기술경영경제정책대학원 ItoED)
  • Published : 2006.12.31


The policy aims of Regional Innovation Cluster(RIC) are not making the RIC itself but promoting the competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) in the region. Also, it goes without saying that small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) do the key roles of regional economic growth. This paper indicates that the innovative capabilities of SMEs are the crucial factors of the success of Regional Innovation Cluster. In order to improve SMEs' capabilities for innovation, knowledges are vital including codified knowledge or tacit knowledge. In cluster, the linkages especially among researchers and factory workers is important to innovative activities, and universities have to of for knowledge, education programs and new researchers fully qualified to SMEs. Also, regional governments and medias positively participate the cluster as helpers. Based upon the research results, some policy implications have been suggested concerning the policy supports to enhance innovative activities of SMEs within the Regional innovation Cluster.