A Study on the Land Demand and Supply System in the Capital Region of Korea

수도권 토지수요와 공급체계 분석 연구

  • 안정근 (경상대학교 도시공학과)
  • Published : 2006.12.31


The demand of urban land in the Capital Region will be increased by the national economic growth of Korea. However, the available land for residential, commercial, and industrial should be limited in Capital Region, and the system of land supply for the urban land doesn't work effectively in the Capital Region. This research aims to forecast land demand in Capital Region based on the analysis of number of residents as well as housing units, and to suggest desirable land supply directions based on the analysis of land supply regulations and controls. This research concludes that it is demanded $293km^2$ of residential site for the construction of 1.27 million housing units by the year of 2010, and the change of land use from agricultural to residential is very restricted so that it may not supply urban land flexibly and appropriately. Thus, it is necessary to improve not only the system of land use controls but also cooperation among public agencies for the rational operation of land supply system.