A Study on Speech Signal Processing of TSIUVC using Least Mean Square

LMS를 이용한 TSIUVC의 음성신호처리에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.12.31


In a speech coding system using excitation source of voiced and unvoiced, it would be a distortion of speech waveform in case of exist a voiced and an unvoiced consonants in a frame. In this paper, I propose a new method of TSIUVC(Transition Segment Including Unvoiced Consonant) approximate-synthesis by using Least Mean Square. As a result, a method by using Least Mean Square was obtained a high quality approximation-synthesis waveform . The important thing is that the frequency signals in a maximum error signal can be made with low distortion approximation-synthesis waveform. This method has the capability of being applied to a new speech coding of Voiced/Silence/TSIUVC, speech analysis and synthesis.


Speech Signal Processing;Approximate-Synthesis