The Prospect and Project of Convention Industry for Regional Vitalization - SWOT analysis on the case of Daejeon Metropolitan City -

지역 활성화를 위한 컨벤션 산업의 전망과 과제 - 대전시의 사례에 대한 SWOT 분석 -

  • Published : 2006.10.31


Developed social infrastructures such as transportations, communication systems have given a lot more opportunities to people to participate in convention recently. this tendency is not only for the Government offices or major companies but also for civic activities of many different fields in order to find the solutions and convoke the cooperations of their facing problems. Both central Government and provincial offices trying to channel the convention industry and local development as well. In this study, we have reviewed that the city of Daejeon had tried to it's best to vitalize the regional economy. especially, Daejeon has Daedeok research complex which gives tremendous motive to establish convention industry which is also one of the main projects of Daejeon future developing plans. moreover I have suggested few matters needed to be solved


Convention;Regional Vitalization;Tourism infrastructure;Daejoen