Magnetoresistance Behavior of CuCo and AgCo Films using a Thermal Evaporation

열증착법으로 제조한 박막헝 CuCo와 AgCo의 자기저항 효과

  • 송오성 (서울시립대학교 신소재공학과) ;
  • 윤기정 (서울시립대학교 신소재공학과)
  • Published : 2006.10.31


The single layered magnetic thin films with anisotropic magnetoresistance behavior have advantage on micro integration due to their low cost in manufacturing. Although the conventional MCo (M=Cu, Ag) amorphous ribbons using a rapid solidification process have showed appropriate for magnetic property for bulk devices, they are not appropriate for micro-scale devices due to their brittleness. We prepared the thermal evaporated 100 nm-thick $Cu_{1-x}Co_x\;and\;Ag_{1-x}Co_x(x=0.1{\sim}0.7)$ films on silicon wafers and investigated the magnetic property of the as-depo films such as magnetization and magnetoresistance ratio. We confirmed that the maximum MR ratio of 1.4 and 2.6% at the external field of 0.5 Tesla in $CuCo_{30},\;AgCo_{40}$ films, respectively. Our result implies that AMR may be slightly less than those of the conventional CuCo and AgCo ribbons due to surface scattering, but their AMR ratio be enough for micro-scale application with easy integration compatibility for the process without surface oxidation.


CuCo;AgCo;magnetoresistance;thermal evaporation;thin films