A Study on the Possibility of User Classification by Web-Using Types

웹 이용행태에 따른 사용자분류 가능성에 관한 연구

  • 신목영 (조선대학교 디자인학부) ;
  • 김병욱 (조선대학교 디자인학부)
  • Published : 2006.02.28


So far, the behaviors of Web users have been predicted or analyzed mostly by their demographic characteristics or by considering in which context they gain access to that. But now there is a question about whether those characteristics are the only factors to trigger their use of Web. If the answer is not affirmative, what types of additional factors could cause such an action and how they characterize it should be discussed. User profile information has been considered one of the crucial elements to define user characteristics in user-centered UI design sector, and in order to apply it to UI design, it's needed to meditate on the above-mentioned questions. In this study, it's first attempted to have a good understanding of the users of different media and to review existing user classification methods. Next, user classification variables and relevant scales were prepared to sort out users according to their type of using Web, and case study was conducted to identify the behavioral characteristics of users and classify them according to their behavioral features. Finally, the user profile features of individual user groups were figured out based on data that were gathered by making an experiment, and data mapping was fulfilled between the behavioral characteristics and user profile characteristics to find out what types of behaviors were caused by the characteristics of user profile. As a result, it's found that user characteristics could have an impact on not only their general information and relevant contexts but their attitude of using different media and personality type. There were some problems with the experimental design, but more accurate information on the relationship of user behaviors to user profile characteristics will be obtained if those problems are eliminated. As user behaviors could be predicted only by user profile characteristics, user classification is expected to make a contribution to enhancing the efficiency of UI design.