A Study on the Evaluating Model to Analyze the Type of Digital Storytelling in Web Museums

웹 뮤지엄에서 디지털 스토리텔링 유형분석을 위한 평가모형 개발 및 적용 연구

  • 김미례 (인제대학교 대학원 디자인학과) ;
  • 박수진 (인제대학교 디자인학부)
  • Published : 2006.05.31


The advancement of IT technology and the distribution of PC makes a change on the web contents expressions and user's experiments. The advanced web environment makes virtual web museum. We anticipate that demand of virtual web museum is likely to increase. However, most of studies on web museum are case studies about visual expression or graphic interface of virtual space. This paper will be considered about the functions of digital storytelling on web museum and try to develop an self-evaluation model which can evaluate the value of digital storytelling on web museum. The ultimate goal of this study is to verify the validity of the model to evaluate new storytelling of web museum and to classify the digital storytelling based on the evaluated results, with a view to presenting the direction of development by type. The results of this study may provide a reference of applying digital storytelling into web museum and also it can be a checklist for developing the user experience for navigating a web museum.