Properties of Photo-regulation of Liquid Crystal Alignment and Generation of Maxwell-displacement-current for Application with a Medical Engineering Device

의료용 초박막 액정의 광배향 제어와 광변위 전류 특성

  • Published : 2006.12.01


Maxwell-displacement-current (MDC) measuring technique has been applied for the investigation of monolayers of poly(vinyl alcohol)s bearing azobenzene side-chains (6Az5PVA) mixed with p-pentyl-p'-cyano-biphenyls (5CBs) on a water surface. For mixed monolayers containing trans-form 6Az5PVA and LCs, displacement current due to photo isomerization was not generated with alternative photo-irradiation with UV and svisible light. In contrast, for mixed monolaters containing cis-form 6Az5PVA and LCs, displacement current was generated. Finally, it was found that the alignment layers deposited in cis-form could photoregualte the orientation of LCs.


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