A Study on the Cell Culture Controller using the High Brightness LED

고휘도 LED를 이용한 세포배양 컨트롤러에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.12.01


We developed the equipment palpating cell proliferation using a high brightness LED. This equipment was fabricated using a micro-controller and a high brightness LED, and designed to enable us to control light irradiation time, intensity, frequency and so on. Especially, to control the light irradiation frequency, FPGA was used, and to control the change of output value, TLC5941 was used. Control stage is divided into 30 levels by program. Consequently, the current value could be controlled by the change of level in Continue Wave(CW) and Pulse Width Modulation(PWM), and the output of a high brightness LED could be controlled stage by stage.


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