Microstructure and Ferroelectric Properties of Low Temperature Sintering PMN-PNN-PZT Ceramics with Sintering Temperature

저온소결 PMN-PNN-PZT세라믹스의 소결온도에 따른 미세구조 및 강유전특성

  • Published : 2006.12.01


In this study, in order to develop the low temperature sintering multilayer piezoelectric actuator, PMN-PNN-PZT system ceramics were manufactured and their microstructure, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties were investigated. By increasing sintering temperature, remanent polarization$(P_r)$ was increased due to the increase of sinterability and grain size. However, coercive $field(E_c)$ showed an opposite tendency to remanent polarization owing to the feasibility of domain wall motion. At the sintering temperature of $900^{\circ}C$, dielectric $constant({\varepsilon}_r)$, electromechanical coupling $factor(k_p)$, piezoelectric $constant(d_{33})$ and mechanical quality $factor(Q_m)$ showed the optimal value of 1095, 0.60, 363 and 1055, respectively, for multilayer piezoelectric actuator application.


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