Bonding of Different Mate using Common Glass in Zero Shrinkage LTCC

공통의 Glass를 이용한 LTCC 이종소재의 무수축 접한

  • 장의경 (요업(세라믹)기술원 시스템모듈사업단) ;
  • 신효순 (요업(세라믹)기술원 시스템모듈사업단) ;
  • 여동훈 (요업(세라믹)기술원 시스템모듈사업단) ;
  • 김종희 (요업(세라믹)기술원 시스템모듈사업단)
  • Published : 2006.12.01


To improve warpage, delamination and the chemical reaction between 2 different co-fired materials, the bonding behavior with common glass was studied. As shown in the previous paper, the phenomenon of the infiltration is different with the composition of the glass. In particular, in the case of low temperature melting glass, infiltration is experimented in this study. GA-1 glass is infiltrated among $BaTiO_3$ particles below $800^{\circ}C$ and is made by glass/ceramic composite. Until the laminate is fired under $850^{\circ}C$, provskite phase is observed. Although in the case of GA-12 glass, the temperature of the glass infiltration is lower than it of GA-l glass, the perovskite phase already disappears at $800^{\circ}C$. As a result, GA-1 and GA-12 glasses are infiltrated among particles at low temperature, however, the chemical reactivity of the glass/ceramic and sintering temperature should be considered.


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