Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Rosen-type Multilayer Piezoelectric Transformer

Rosen형 적층 압전변압기의 등가회로 모델링

  • Published : 2006.12.01


In this paper, the equivalent circuit model of a Rosen-type multilayer piezoelectric transformer(MPT) has been proposed based on the Mason's equivalent circuit model and the principle of single layer piezoelectric plate. From the piezoelectric direct and converse effects, the symbolic expressions between the electric inputs and outputs of the MPT have been derived from the equivalent circuit model. A simplified equivalent circuit model of the MPT whose driving part has a single input form has been proposed. The symbolic expressions of the driving part have been derived from the simplified equivalent circuit model and the model was compared with the multi-input equivalent circuit model through the simulation. In the comparisons between the simulation results and the experimental data, output voltage is 630 Vp-p in case of 11-layered MPT and 670 Vp-p for 13-layered MPT over the experiment range. As the load resistance increases, output voltage increases and saturates over $300k{\Omega}$ and the resonant frequency changes from 102 kHz to 103 kHz. The simulation and the experimental results agree well over different load resistances and frequencies.


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