Effects Sintering Temperature on Electrical Properties of (Pr, Co, Cr, La)-doped ZnO Varistors

(Pr, Co, Cr, La)-doped ZnO 바리스터의 전기적 특성에 미치는 소결온도효과

  • 남춘우 (동의대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2006.12.01


The microstructure, electrical properties, and its stability of (Pr, Co, Cr, La)-doped ZnO varistors were investigated at different sintering temperatures in the range of $1230{\sim}1300^{\circ}C$. As the sintering temperature increased, the sintered density increased from 5.50 to $5.77g/cm^3$, the varistor voltage decreased from 777.9 to 108.0 V/mm, the nonlinear coefficient decreased from 77.0 to 7.1, and the leakage current increased from $0.4{\mu}A\;to\;50.6{\mu}A$. On the other hand, the donor concentration increased from $0.90{\times}10^{18}\;to\;2.59{\times}10^{18}/cm^3$ and the barrier height decreased from 1.89 to 0.69 eV with increasing temperature. The stability of nonlinear electrical properties was obtained from sintering temperature of $1260^{\circ}C$. The varistors sintered at $1260^{\circ}C$ marked the high electrical stability, with $%{\Delta}V_{1mA}=+1.9%,\;%{\Delta}a=10.6%,\;and\;%{\Delta}I_L=+20%$ for DC accelerated aging stress state of $0.95V_{1mA}/150^{\circ}C/24h$.


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