An Analysis on Predictors of Move Intention to Silver Town in Jeju Island

실버타운 입주의도 예측요인에 대한 분석

  • Published : 2006.08.31


The purpose of this study was to examine predictors of move intention to silver town in Jeju Island. Participants were 449 middle age and elderly who live in Seoul, Gyungido, Inchun Metropolitan and Jeju island. Participants were completed a questionnaire and/or structured interview that included measures of socioeconomic variables, motivation to move, determinants of move selection, conditions of location, and preparation for old age. Results of descriptive analysis revealed that cognition level of sliver industry and silver town was relatively high and medical service was the best necessary field, followed by field of leisure activity, house, life and finance. Logistic regression analyses on the effects of socioeconomic variables on move intention indicated that region, occupation and house ownership had significant effects on move intention to silver town. Result of motivational effect on move intention revealed that solution of offspring's burden was the most important factor, followed by convenient life of the aged, enjoyment of freedom for the elderly life. Result on the influence of determinants of move selection indicated that medical service facilities, resort facilities and leisure, cultural service facilities had significant effect on move intention. Among conditions of location for Jeju island, mild climate, comfort environment and low-price were significant predictors on move intention. Overall, result on relative influence of individual factors indicated that low price factor was the most important predictor, followed by resort facilities, cognition on necessity of silver town, enjoyment of freedom for the elderly life, leisure cultural service facilities, and medical service facilities.