Effects of Self-Efficacy and Facet Job Satisfaction on Globa Job Satisfaction among the Workers of Residential Facilities

사회복지생활시설 종사자의 자기효능감과 요인별 직무만족이 전반적 직무만족에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2006.08.31


The present study has a goal of investigating the effects of self-efficacy and facet Job Satisfaction on global job satisfaction in the Workers of Residential Facilities. As a result of analyzing the data of 269 participants, we obtained three factors of self-efficacy: competence, self confidence, and propulsion. Significant 7 factors of global job satisfaction are social recognition, job itself, relationship of clients, salary, relationship of superiors, working condition, and propulsion. And both facet job satisfaction and turnover intention are influenced upon social recognition, salary, and relationship of superiors. Also, facet job satisfaction is affected by job itself and relationship of clients, but turnover intention is affected by working condition and propulsion. This article concluded with a discussion of implications of job satisfaction on quality of welfare service along with current research imitations and future research themes and tasks.