The Comparison of Workfare in UK and Australia from the View Point of Social Contract Theory

사회계약론적 관점에서 본 영국과 호주의 근로연계복지 비교연구

  • Published : 2006.08.31


The Purpose of this paper is to compare workfare system in UK with in Australia from the view point of social contract theory. There are two kinds of social contract theory - Hobbesian and Kantian theory. In view of these two types, this paper makes a comparative study of New Deal in UK and Mutual Obligation in Australia. The results of analysis can be summarized as follows. Firstly, in this respect of compulsive program formation background, Mutual Obligation and New Deal is all similar with Hobbesian social contract theory. Secondly, With regard to concern for the disadvantaged, Mutual Obligation is among Hobbesian social contract but New Deal is among Kantian social contract. Lastly, concerning orientation of compulsion, Mutual Obligation is close to Hobbesian social contract but New Deal is close to Kantian social contract.