Does Organizational Capacity Explain Fundraising Effectiveness in Nonprofit Social Service Organizations?

비영리 사회복지조직의 재정자원동원 효과성과 조직의 관리능력

  • Published : 2006.08.31


This study intended to analyze what factors affect fundraising effectiveness in nonprofit social service organizations. Focusing on organizational characteristics only, current studies did not address the importance of organizational capacity leading to organizational effectiveness. Based on the assumption of the relation between organizational capacity and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, this study added factors indicating organizational capacity to the current model. After collecting data from 147 staffs involving in fundraising activities of nonprofit social service organizations, this study used a hierarchical regression analysis. The results showed that organizational capacity had a significant impact on the variance of fundraising effectiveness. Despite the limitations of the purposive sampling method, this study has implications to provide practical guideline for nonprofit managers and to develop a theoretical framework with a new perspective on organizational capacity.