Effectiveness of Incentive-Therapy to Alcohol Abuser Using Single System Design

단일체계설계를 활용한 알코올남용 인센티브치료 효과성 연구

  • Published : 2006.11.30


Incentive-Therapy approach on substance abuser has a solid theoretical base in Behavior Psychology and shows the effectiveness empirically in US. The purpose of this exploratory study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Incentive-Therapy on two alcohol abusers using ABA Single System Design in a community welfare agency, Korea. It proceeded for 12 week-baseline stage, 6-week intervention stage and 4-week postintervention stage through scanning whether alcohol abuser drinks or not by the alcohol analyzer as a target behavior. As a results, this study showed that two abusers' drinking were decreased in the middle of intervention stage in incentive-therapy but they showed differently in the postintervention stage : One sustained his abstinence and the other recurred to drink. Thus, we concluded Incentive-Therapy had better adaptability in community welfare agency in that alcohol abusers were driven to motivate for abstinence and then had an opportunity for psycho-social counseling and social welfare intervention consistently.


Incentive-Therapy;Alcohol Abuser;Single System Design;Community Welfare Agency;Abstinence