Social Work Students and Their Attitude toward Research

사회복지전공학생들의 조사연구에 관한 태도 연구

  • Published : 2006.11.30


The purposes of this study are to investigate the research attitude of social work students and to examine the factors associated with research attitude. The subjects of this study are social work students around capital city in Korea. The sampling methods used in this study is a purposive sampling strategy. Data were collected by answering the questionnaire in class. Data from 321 of social work students were finally analyzed by regression analysis. The results show that the level of research attitude by social work students in Korea is relatively lower than previous study. The variables affecting importance and usefulness of research are related to the attitude of research class and the attitude of nature for social work practice. The implications of social work research education are discussed.


research attitude;social work students;social work practice