A Study on the Types of Developing Resources Using the Social Networks within a Community : Applying Social Capital Perspective

지역사회관계망을 활용한 자원개발경험의 유형에 관한 근거이론 연구 : 사회자본(social capital) 관점적용

  • Published : 2006.11.30


The purpose of this study is to establish fundamental knowledge on the experience for building resource system using the social networks within the community. This study used a social capital perspective and the grounded theory method based on Strauss and Corbin(1998) and Corbin(2004). Interviews were conducted with 14 Korean social workers (general managers and assistant managers) at community welfare centers who have developed resources by using the social networks or social relations for more than 3 years. In creating autonomy and sustainability of community, there are four types of social worker's efforts in building resource system within the community: 'restoring norms of reciprocity', 'developing citizen's capabilities', 'mobilizing resources through community organizations', and 'utilizing external resource-networks'. These results are contribute to developing theory on social welfare resources using community networks according to characteristics of a community.


community;social networks;developing resources;social capital;grounded theory