Effect of ${\beta}-Carotene$ on Flavor and Oxidation Stability in Seasoning Oil

${\beta}-Carotene$이 향미유의 풍미 및 산화 안정성에 미치는 영향

  • 구본순 (서일대학 식품가공과) ;
  • 김종승 (한국보건산업진흥원 품질평가센터)
  • Published : 2006.02.28


Seasoning oil(SO-1) was manufactured from soybean oil, with ${\beta}-carotene$, oleoresin paprika and 3 kinds of flavors. Color of it's SO-1 was red. Total content of trans fatty acid of SO-1 was low level 0.84%, compare to the butter's and margarine's 1.35%, 28.31%, respectively. Total volatile components of SO-1 was 201,313.11ppm, was higher than soybean oil's, butter's, margarine's and SO-2's(removed 3 kinds of flavors from SO-1), it's value of 63.54ppm, 481.24ppm, 168.95ppm and 205.73ppm, respectively. And smoke point(SP) of SO-1 was higher than others. SP of SO-1, after 6 months later at room temperature, was 240, in contrast with soybean oil's 228. This SO-1, added ${\beta}-carotene$ and flavor components, had a masking effect of burnt flavor. From these results, SO-1 can be replaced of butter or margarine as a substituted oil.


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